Binding Matrix Enhances Tenderness, Juiciness in Meats and Seafood

TenderBite marinades from Advanced Food Systems are designed to entrap moisture and natural juices inside meats and seafood using a unique binding matrix.  This produces a more juicy and tender product with greater yields when frozen, thawed, and cooked, especially in microwaving.

TenderBite products are dry blends that are hydrated and applied as marinades, and do not increase cold viscosity of marinades.  They have a neutral flavor, and can be combined with seasonings if desired.  Phosphate-free versions are available.

Customized systems are available for seafood such as shrimp, and meats such as pre-cooked fajitas and lean steaks.  TenderBite OS is developed for imported beef cuts such as skirt and flank steaks, and masks off-flavor notes.

Advanced Food Systems provides complete technical support, and custom formulations can be developed to meet specific customer needs.

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Advanced Food Systems