Australia-based Olive Oil Maker Aiming To Be The Best Olive Oil In The World

Telopea Downs, Australia-based OliVaylle Pty LLC of Victoria launches its signature product, Oli’Vaylle Olive Nectar, an ultra premium extra virgin olive oil, which the company unabashedly describes as the finest extra virgin olive oil in the world.

It’s a bold claim that OliVaylle makes with confidence, having devised a process that is entirely unique in the industry, producing an olive oil so pure that OliVaylle’s founder, Jorge de Moya, places it well above the current classification for extra virgin olive oil.

OliVaylle’s production process is completed on the OliVaylle Estate in a scant six hours, from the trees to the storage tanks.

Mechanically harvested from the trees to reduce contamination (plucking fallen olives off the ground is strictly forbidden at OliVaylle) and prevent bruising and other damage, olives are de-pitted prior to crushing; olive paste and olive oil are carefully protected from oxygen throughout the process; and temperatures are tightly controlled from crushing through shipping to prevent premature aging.

In an industry where major producers literally vacuum olives off of the ground and use high temperatures to extract every last drop of oil (a process ironically called “cold pressing”), OliVaylle instead lowers the temperature.

De Moya was pleasantly surprised to find that olive oil’s much-touted health benefits go hand-in-hand with the quality of the oil, which is measured by free acidity: the lower the free acidity of olive oil, the higher the beneficial anti-oxidants. OliVaylle’s Olive Nectar has a free acidity level of 0.08—extra virgin olive oils now on the market can have a free acidity level up to 0.8.

Suggested retail price for a 500ml bottle is $30.