Barrier Film Provides A Sustainable Packaging Solution

With a reduction in weight of 25% to 50% compared to traditional liners, the new FeatherWeight Film provides sustainability advantages in cereal, snack, baking mix and other high-barrier applications.

Developed by Alcan Packaging Food Americas, innovative FeatherWeight Film uses less plastic resin, energy and landfill space. Processors benefit from freight savings and reduced operations costs due to fewer roll changes. FeatherWeight also offers outstanding machinability and puncture resistance and runs on existing machinery at basically the same settings as the traditional calipers.

The new lightweight packaging also delivers an easy-open seal and high clarity that reveals the quality product inside.

Alcan Packaging supports FeatherWeight Film and all its flexible packaging with best-in-class service and support tools, such as ASSET (Alcan Sustainability Stewardship Evaluation Tool). ASSET analyzes the sustainability of packaging by considering economic, social and environmental impacts at each stage of its life cycle.

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Packaging materials
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