Cutter Features Easy Maintenance, Increased Positive Product Flow and Decreased Costs

The new TranSlicer 2510 Cutter combines the production-proven features of the 2500 with today's industry-driven demands. The TranSlicer 2500 Cutter revolutionized the leafy vegetable industry when it was introduced in 1995. The TranSlicer 2510 Cutter replaces the TranSlicer 2500 Cutter in the Urschel line-up with valuable features to ease maintenance, increase positive product flow, and decrease operational costs. The new machine accepts the same types of products: input of compressible food products up to 8 inches (203 mm) in diameter, or firm, round products such as cabbage up to 6-3/4 inches (171 mm) in diameter (larger cabbage heads if cut in half).

Several new features are noticeable on the exterior of the machine. An additional stop button is conveniently located opposite the electrical enclosure. There are more sloped surfaces on the machine including the redesigned electrical enclosure and bottom feed pan along with new sturdy stainless steel guardlocks. A 3 HP stainless steel dynamic brake motor enables smooth operation of the cutting wheel. New, larger discharge chute simplifies product flow and deters product damage. The TranSlicer 2510 also offers greater accessibility with increased hinged compartments and panels to ease maintenance and reduce cleaning time.

At the feeding end of the machine, stainless steel belt guards overlap the feed belts to promote positive product feed. Optional stainless steel lead-ins are also available to further assist product flow. Feed belt servicing is simplified through quick feed belt release levers. In addition to quick release belts, Urschel also offers independently replaceable feed belt guide supports eliminating the cost of replacing an entire assembly. Similar to the TranSlicer 2500, the 2510 offers the choice of combined primary and  secondary feed belts with two 1 HP feed belt motors, or simply a single feed belt with one 1 HP motor. Smooth product transition from the belt to the cutting wheel is assisted by stainless steel feed belt extensions. Shear edge holder offers replaceable extended shear edge and optional replaceable wear block to minimize rim deflection while optimizing shear edge clearance.

Product Type:
Size reduction & cutting equipment
Urschel Laboratories