Bloom’en Nutrition Blooms Into The Prenatal Market

Leveraging the lack of vitamin passion brands that specifically target the unique needs of expecting women, Oceanside, Calif.-based Bloom’en Nutrition launches the Blossoms line of prenatal vitamin chews. Developed out of the personal need of the company’s CEO for prenatal nutrients that she could tolerate and keep down while pregnant, Blossom’s were created as an easier alternative to the pills and liquids that are often challenging for pregnant women to swallow. 

Developed under the direction of this “mom-in-need,” the citrus-ginger vitamin chews are designed to be easy-to-eat, with the mild flavors of orange and ginger for the delicate stomachs of women that are often sensitive to strong flavors. Each chew is designed to supplement expecting mothers with essential fatty acids DHA and EPA as well as provides the folic acid, vitamin D and lutein that are often recommended by healthcare practitioners as part of a healthy pregnancy.
“Blossom’s were developed out of my own unmet need,” says CEO Rebecca Niehus. “After I became pregnant, trying to take a prenatal vitamin with 'morning' sickness was a nightmare. Those prenatal pills became my adversary and on the days that I just couldn’t get them down because my stomach was too sensitive or my gag reflex too strong I would feel guilty. I had spent ten years in the vitamin industry developing my career and there was no way that my baby was not going to get the nutrition that I knew she needed” This epiphany, and the realization that there is a market need for a vitamin brand that addresses the specific physical and emotional needs of the women through multiple life stages, resulted in the development and commercialization of Blossoms as well as the Bloom’en Nutrition brand.

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