Films Provide Broad Range of Modified-Atmosphere Packaging

Freshgard films provide a broad range of modified-atmosphere packaging, which preserves the flavor, appearance and texture of fruits and vegetables for extended periods of time, without preservatives. Freshgard films enable oxygen and CO2 transmission to be controlled at a rate based on each product's natural respiration chemistry, so aging is greatly retarded while freshness is retained and prolonged.

With temperature management, the shelf life of fruits and vegetables packaged in Freshgard is improved greatly. And because the Freshgard® family includes an entire series of bags and films with tailored permeability rates and a wide range of options, its applications are virtually unlimited. We can meet your need for coextruded films as well as laminations, lidstock and trays. Several types of film are microwaveable, and a variety of recloseability options are available for multi-serving products. No one else offers all that Printpack does - for food service and retail sales.

Product Type:
Packaging materials