Peel and Re-close Packaging System Available for Thermoform Packaging Applications

Printpack’s Re-Seal It peel and re-close packaging system combines patented label technology with high performance barrier films for thermoform packaging applications.  The Re-Seal It system can easily be integrated with thermoform packaging machinery; where it makes a fine perforation in the film and then places a label exactly over the perforation.  No part of the film is removed; the opening flap of the film sticks to the back of the label.  Simply peel back the label to open the package; simply swipe to re-close.

Re-Seal It labels can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit most package designs.  The FDA/USDA certified Re-Seal It package performs exceptionally well in vacuum and gas flushed food applications.  It also retains its performance properties after high pressure processing.  The proprietary adhesive on the label functions effectively with meats, cheeses, and other wet/fatty foodstuffs.

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Packaging materials