Puff The Magic Fruit Snacks

When Peter, Paul and Mary released the single “Puff the Magic Dragon” in 1962, the song soared to the top of the Billboard music charts. Now, almost a half century later, another newly debuted puff is skyrocketing to the top—this time in the organic foods market. Miami, Fla. -based Explorer’s Bounty introduces Gallop-A-Loozas, a line of puffed fruits that crunch.

USDA Certified Organic, Gallop-A-Loozas are 100% pure fruit that is grown via sustainable farming practices, and the proprietary puffing process that is used to make these puffed fruit snacks adds extra crunch and infuses them with flavor. With no added sweeteners, a bag contains less than 100 calories per serving. They are available in six varieties including, Puffed Cinnamon Banana; Puffed Cinnamon Pineapple; Puffed Plantain; Puffed Pineapple; Puffed Banana; and Puffed Banana-Pineapple. These latter two offerings are particularly good news for lovers of the world’s best-selling fruit, the banana.

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