Dust Explosion Protection Solution Available for Caterpillar Wheel Loader

The Equipment Protection Level provided by the Pyroban Zone 21-2D solution is tested and certified for use in Zone 21 IIB T3 explosion hazardous areas (equivalent to Class 2, Division 1, Groups F&G). It offers Passive ignition protection against all know equipment ignition sources:
  • Flashback from the air inlet system
  • Flame or spark emission from the exhaust system
  • Inhalation of dust
  • Hot surfaces
  • Arcs and Sparks from electrical equipment/components
  • Sparks from the discharge of static electricity
  • Sparks from friction
  • Sparks from impact
The Caterpillar 906H wheel loader is the only make and model of this equipment of this type, which can be offered with an Pyroban EX solution for safe operation in Dust hazardous areas. Besides wheel loaders, Pyroban can offer certified solutions for many types of diesel and electric powered industrial equipment which are operated dust hazardous areas such as forklifts pallet trucks, man lifts and sweepers.
Product Type:
Plant safety