New Line of Natural Beef Flavors is Based on Culinary Benchmarks

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. has introduced a new range of authentic, natural beef flavors based on culinary benchmarks created by its international team of research chefs.

For the new line, Marketing and Sensory & Consumer Insights teams analyzed consumer preferences, needs, cooking traditions, and consumption habits. The Culinary team established gold-standard benchmarks via the company’s CulinEssence approach to guide the flavor creation while the Sensory team characterized target flavor profiles. 

Using the new consumer input and analysis, R&D developed proprietary flavoring ingredients used by the Flavorists to create the authentic flavor profiles.  Sensory and Culinary teams then used trained panels around the world to validate the new creations and deliver against the culinary benchmarks.

While the new beef flavor introduction is global in scope, the flavor profiles have been localized to the taste preferences in different regions.

The new range is perfectly suitable for use in bouillon, soups, gravies, marinades and noodles.

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International Flavors & Fragrances