Beer Battered Popcorn Fish Debut

Newport News, Va.-based Icelandic USA Inc. introduces Yuengling Lager Beer Battered Popcorn Fish to its Yuengling Haddock product line for both retail and foodservice.

Yuengling Lager Beer Battered Popcorn Fish are 60-oz. crispy fish bites made with white, flaky North Atlantic Haddock dipped in Icelandic gold standard Brewer’s Choice coating made with Yuengling Lager. With their small size, they’re ideal as a snack, in seafood baskets, or topping dinner entrée salads. They’re also great as an appetizer, giving diners an appealing alternative to shrimp and calamari. Icelandic also carries a non-alcoholic version of popcorn fish.

“Yuengling is the hottest beer brand on the East Coast and one of the most recognized beer brands in the U.S.,” says Jim Papadakis, director of marketing for Icelandic. “We’re excited and proud to combine the iconic Icelandic and Yuengling brands once again. The marriage has been hugely successful,” he adds. “This newest product is yet another terrific result of our partnership.”

Popcorn Fish are an ideal addition to the craze for snackable and sharable items such as tapas, sushi and bar foods. “Sharable menu items are huge right now,” says Papadakis. “Sharing food gives people a way to try out different tastes, plus it’s a lot of fun.” Papadakis notes that a full 29 percent percent of diners say they sometimes make meals out of appetizers, according to 2008 findings by Technomic, a food industry consulting firm.

During the economic downturn, restaurants are looking to their appetizer and bar menus to boost lagging sales. “People still crave the ‘dining out’ experience,” says Papadakis. “Small plates and appetizers give them a way to get out for an evening and order fun, high quality fare without breaking their budget.” Sharable menu items also present restaurants with a great marketing and branding opportunity.

Suggested retail price is $3.99. Foodservice: or call 1-800-ICELANDIC.
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