Niman Ranch Value Added Meats

Niman Ranch Value Added Meats
Denver-based Niman Ranch, the largest network of U.S. family farmers and ranchers raising livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably, introduces 14 convenient, new, value-added fresh and prepared meat products for retail and foodservice purchase.

Varieties include: Fully Cooked Pulled Pork with Barbeque Sauce (16 oz. of pork, slow smoked over hard-wood and then combined with barbeque sauce); 1/3 Pound Retail Ready Fresh Pork Loin (This pork loin comes already trimmed and makes an ideal choice for roasting, grilling or portioning into chops); Uncured Canadian Bacon (Fully-cooked pork that is slow smoked over applewood and without the use of any nitrates or nitrites); and 1/4 Pound Uncured Boneless Applewood Smoked Ham (Uncured ham slow smoked over applewood for a smoky flavor that’s balanced with a hint of sweetness.
Niman Ranch also rolls out its new line of nitrate free artisan salames, crafted using old world techniques to deliver the depth of flavor and superb texture of traditional salames. The 10 salames, and the various sizes in each variety, include: Italian Dry Salame (8-oz. chub, 12-oz. pillow pack and 2 Lb. slicing stick). This Italian classic uses a complement of spices, full-bodied wine and select cuts of pork to bring out the richness and unique aroma of this slow-cured specialty meat; Herb Salame (8-oz. stick) This salame stick is hand rolled in a blend of fine crushed herbs, then is low-aged; Pepper Salame (8-oz. chub, 10-oz. pillow pack and 2 Lb. slicing stick) This classic country-style salame is mildly spiced, laced with wine and hand-rolled in freshly cracked peppercorns; Cajun Salame (8-oz. stick) This one-of-a-kind creation marries the best Italian and Cajun traditions of sweet fennel and hot peppers; and Sopressata (8-oz. chub and 3 Lb. slicing stick) Coarsely ground meat, made robust with sweet fennel, hot peppers, paprika and red wine.

“We are excited to combine the finest tasting meats our retail and food service customers expect from us with the added convenience of pre-cut and pre-cooked choices,” says Jeff Swain, chief executive officer at Niman Ranch. “Like our other products, our newest offerings come from animals born and humanely raised in the U.S. by small family farmers and ranchers who never use antibiotics or added hormones and feed their livestock all-vegetarian feeds.”
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