High Performance Protective Package System is Totally Green

MonoSol, the world leader in water soluble films, and ADE Inc., a leader in specialty packaging for fragile products, have combined their resources to create the CareNSol suspension package, a high performance protective package system that is totally green. CareNSol protective packaging combines recycled corrugated material with a unique water soluble film, designed by MonoSol, to deliver the same protective benefits as traditional polyurethane and polyethylene (thermoplastic) films. However, the MonoSol film will disappear safely after the work is done.

The CareNSol pack, available in standard and custom sizes, is the ideal package for protecting a wide variety of fragile products ranging from wine bottles to laptop computers. Unlike traditional bulky foam packs, CareNSol packs can be folded flat to minimize storage space when not in use. After use, biodegradable CareNSol packs can be safely discarded or curbside recycled unlike other traditional protective packs, which consume valuable landfill space. When in use, CareNSol packs can be safely re-used, making it an ideal package for warranty service programs.

For more information, please visit: www.ade-usa.com/PDF/CareNSol%20Brochure.pdf
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Packaging materials