Breyers Introduces 80-Calorie Yogurt Dessert

Breyers Yogurt Co., Boulder, Colo., adds two new dessert-themed flavors to its Breyers Light line of nonfat yogurt fortified with probiotics. They include Strawberry Banana Split (steeped in Breyers tradition) and Cinnamon Bun (combining the flavor of rich cinnamon and sweet icing).

Breyers Light is a rich, creamy and indulgent nonfat yogurt full of probiotics. It’s 100 percent fat-free, and contains only 80 calories per cup. It is fortified with extra helpings of vitamins A and D and calcium, has 70 percent less sugar (only 7g of sugar per serving) and 50 percent fewer calories than the leading low-fat sweetened yogurt.

Suggested retail price is 69 to 89 cents for each 6-oz. cup.

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