All in One Beer Packager

Sidel recently unveiled a new beer line including filler, crown feeder, crowner, labeller, pasteurizer, accumulation tables and end of line. Several elements within the line are controlled by servomotors, including the filler and the labeller, which allows efficient, flexible and sustainable production at low noise levels. Energy consumption of all modules is kept at a minimum.

The complete line consists of the SF 300 LP filler, the Aidlin 24CR crown feeder, the SL 90 labeler, the Swing pasteurization system, the AQ-HC accumulation table, the Incarobot/Decarobot crater/decrater, and the innovative pairing of the Axo-Smart layer forming system and Robo-Column palletizer.

Hygienic filling and capping Sidel’s new level-probe electronic filler, the SF 300 LP, features electropneumatic components which are integrated in the filling valve as well as selfdraining surfaces with high-standard finishes.

The SF 300 LP can be combined with an ultra-clean crowner. The crowns are fed to the exposed filler by an Aidlin 24CR which is designed for very high speeds of 1,350 crowns per minute.

SF 300 LP is also very flexible when it comes to format changeover and has no special maintenance requirements. The contact surfaces of the product tank have been reduced by 80 percent compared to a conventional ring bowl.

Product Type:
Packaging machinery