Range Accelerates Outputs, Paves the Way for Greener PET Bottles

Sidel's SBO Universal 2 range accelerates industrial blow molder outputs by 10% while also decreasing energy consumption by 10% in the ovens. The result is the possibility of blowing bottles from recycled PET.

With this new record speed of 2,000 bottles per hour per mold, Sidel is widening its portfolio of solutions for the still and sparkling beverage markets. This output rate is the result of a long, rigorous qualification process that has already been tested and validated during industrial production at several customer facilities.

This speed, which is ideal, reliable and safe for intensive industrial operation, applies to all machines in the SBO Universal 2 range, up to SBO 24 XS. Also available in Combi configuration, the SBO Universal 2 range reaches record productivity levels as well, without any compromise in terms of robustness or production reliability. Unplanned machine downtime is reduced to less than 3% due to the use of more robust components and a fewer number of spare parts. It also ensures flawless productivity with guaranteed yields of 97% and optimized production costs.

In addition, the new SBO Universal 2 machines benefit from the same heating reserve that is already available with SBO Universal equipment. The oven configuration with 50 mm pitch (distance between two spindles) ensures a sufficient heating time for an output rate of 2,000 bottles per hour per mold. New lamps and oven adaptations enable a decrease in energy consumption of up to 10%.

Reaching this new performance level for blow molding represents a new step forward in reducing the environmental impact of each PET bottle during its production.

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Conveying equipment