Generation Drinks Prove It's all about Me

Making a splash in the drink aisle is ME, a new line of caffeine-free, all natural one-of-a-kind edgy flavored beverages from Chico, Calif.-based Juice Creations Co. Packaged in sleek, vibrant, 10.5-oz. slim cans, they are sold individually and in four-pack carriers.

At only 70 calories per can, ME is a beverage solution that active Gen-Xers and Millennials can relate to. Without caffeine, added sugars, loads of calories and energy-ramping substances, it provides an enticing, healthful twist unlike anything else on the market.  

Highlighting its playful character, ME encourages consumers to "Find Your ME," through the interactive Web site – that matches drinkers' personalities or moods with specific ME flavors, which include: Vivacious (tangerine pineapple) – The vivacious individual is animated, energetic, and full of life. This person exudes passion and exhilaration, offering a contagious energy that lifts the spirits of everyone around them; Curious (blueberry lime) – The curious individual is inquisitive, careful, and eager to know and learn. They are considerate, highly intelligent, understanding, and generally mindful of others; Uninhibited (pink grapefruit) – The uninhibited individual is not constrained by societal norms or peer pressure. They are free spirited, open-minded, and eager to experience the unknown. The uninhibited person carves his or her own path in life; and Unavailable (dragonfruit blackberry) – The unavailable individual has a strong personality, and is confident in his or her position and inner strength. They are a bit intimidating, perceived to be unapproachable, yet offer a great deal of beauty and insight.
Suggested retail price is $3.99 per four-pack.

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