Fiber Gummy Vitamins Now Available For Adults

A proper diet should contain approximately 25g to 30g of fiber a day; however, the average American eats less than half of that. Also, according to a Harris Interactive Poll, more than 40 percent of American adults report they experience difficulty when swallowing pills. Fiber Gummies contain 5 grams of fiber per serving, which means adults can enjoy their fiber in a great tasting gummy form without any pills to swallow.
Vancouver, Wash.-based Northwest Natural Products reinvents and invigorates the fiber supplement category with the introduction of a line of vitafusion Fiber Gummies.  Now men and women can actually enjoy getting more fiber by taking it in gummy form.

Providing more fiber than any other fiber supplement brand, vitafusion Fiber Gummies are fruit-flavored gummies that offer a delicious alternative to chalky tablets and gritty powder mixes.  Made with all natural colors and flavors, they are sugar-free, and flavors include: Peach, Strawberry and Berry.
Vitafusion Fiber Gummies' advanced formulas are created specifically for adults.  Each bottle contains a 45-day supply of gummies. Varieties include: vitafusion Fiber Gummies Fiber (Provides 5g of fiber per serving, the most fiber of any leading brand. It boosts digestive process, promotes colon health, and alleviates constipation problems); vitafusion Fiber Gummies Weight Management (Provides 5g of fiber per serving plus helps manage weight, improves digestion, and increases fat metabolism); vitafusion Fiber Gummies Calcium (Provides 4g of fiber per serving and 50 percent of the daily calcium requirement for healthy bones, 100 percent of the RDI for vitamin D and enhanced digestive support); and vitafusion Fiber Gummies Multivitamin with Antioxidants (Provides 5g of fiber per serving plus supports and energizes the immune system and maintains digestive health). 
Suggested retail price is $12.99-$13.99.

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