Mid-Volume Sorter Can Sort Up to 15 Metric Tons of Product Per Hour

Key Technology introduces Manta 1600, a new family of high performance, mid-volume sorters.  Featuring a 1520-mm wide scan area and up to seven cameras and two lasers, Manta 1600 sorts as much as 15 metric tons of product per hour to perfectly match the requirements of most processed vegetable, potato, and fruit production lines.  With 0.5-mm camera resolution, the Manta 1600 sets a new standard in its class and, combined with object-based sorting, performs at levels that no other sorter can match

The new Manta 1600 can be configured with two independently driven ejector banks to achieve three outputs.  This option allows processors to produce a higher quality product without losing valuable product to the waste stream or requiring additional sorting for rework product.  With three-way sorting, processors can remove foreign material and critical defects with the first ejector bank, sending to waste, without re-sorting or losing valuable yield. Off-grade and quality defects can be ejected at the second position and re-routed for rework, while the pass stream accepts only good product that matches specifications.

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Key Technology