Campbell Lowers Sodium In Iconic Tomato Soup

As part of its commitment to wellness, sodium reduction is a strategic priority for Campbell Soup Co. The Camden, N.J., company has advanced its sodium reduction journey from a few select products to now replacing many of its products with lower sodium versions. Campbell's chefs are able to combine a unique sea salt naturally lower in sodium with their culinary expertise to reduce salt without compromising the taste.

Introduced in 1897, Campbell's Tomato soup, in the iconic red and white label later painted by Andy Warhol, was the first soup created by Campbell. Until now, the soup's recipe remained largely unchanged from when it was first developed. Some 25 million Americans regularly purchase Campbell’s Tomato soup, and now they can enjoy the soup with less sodium: 480mg per serving, the healthy sodium level designated by the U.S. government.  Adding a naturally flavorful sea salt to the recipe helped Campbell chefs use 32 percent less sodium and ensure this healthy soup delivers the great taste people have loved for more than 100 years.

It starts with the tomatoes. Campbell coordinates with farmers to grow more than 800,000 tons of tomatoes each year, which are used as ingredients for the company's soups, sauces and vegetable-based beverages. To guarantee use of the highest-quality tomatoes, Campbell established its Agricultural Research Center in Davis, Calif., in 1948 where the company field tests 300-500 tomato varieties each year in search of the perfect fruit to further develop for a future crop.

“We have worked with generations of farmers to grow tomatoes that deliver superior taste, outstanding color and provide the right consistency for our soups and juices,” says Tim Gruenwald, Campbell's director of agriculture. "Our tomatoes also are naturally more disease-resistant and help our farming partners maximize their crop yields."

Campbell uses sustainable and cost-saving practices throughout the growing and harvesting process to ensure its products are Earth-friendly as well as a value. This is especially important today since people are focused on both eating well and trying to stretch their food budgets. Each can of Campbell's condensed soup is produced with less water, uses smaller cans, less metal and requires less fuel for shipping compared to Campbell's ready-to-serve soups.

To make sure the soup measured up to taste expectations, Campbell conducted extensive research, including taste tests with people in all 50 states. Results showed people overwhelmingly enjoyed Campbell's tomato soup now as much as ever. In fact, nine out of 10 people said they would buy Campbell's tomato soup as much or more often after tasting the new formulation.

"Introducing one of our top-selling soups with less salt is a major milestone in our sodium reduction journey, especially when you consider Campbell's Tomato soup is one of the top 10 grocery items purchased each week and accounts for about 16 percent of our condensed soup volume," says Denise Morrison, president of Campbell North America. "Because it's loved by millions of people, we took great care to make certain it still delivers the great taste people expect from their Campbell's Tomato soup."

Suggested retail price remains the same at 89 cents.

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