New Starch Reduces Fat Content, Brings Creaminess And Texture

Tate & Lyle announced the European launch of a new starch for use in dairy and convenience foods. The starch, named Creamiz, will help manufacturers reduce fat content by up to 30%, while maintaining mouthfeel and texture.

Creamiz uses unique starch modification technology to make it a contender for fat substitution in a wide range for food products. It will not affect the creaminess of products it is used in, but instead will complement and enhance their existing texture creating a rich and full bodied flavor.

Tate & Lyle has already developed several prototypes using Creamiz, including low-fat cream desserts and yogurts, and is now working with its customers to optimise and create additional recipes.

Product Type:
Starches & flours
Tate & Lyle