New Technology offered in Gravity Flow Metal Detector

Mettler-Toledo Safeline's Conveyorized PowerPhasePLUS metal detectors feature high frequency coil technology and advanced head geometry that allow the systems to consistently detect common ferrous and non-ferrous metal as well as the more difficult-to-detect stainless steel. A “Faraday Screen,” which is located between the coil system and the product, virtually eliminates false rejects by filtering out signals that can interfere with the system.

Crunch and inclusion products are inspected again at the bagging operation with a Gravity Flow metal detector to assure no contamination entered the product flow during further processing. Featuring patented “Zero Metal Free Zone” (ZMFZ) technology that enables the reject device to be located close to the detector without interference, this system reduces the height of the metal detector while maximizing detection sensitivity. A unique cowbell-style reject device uses high-speed pneumatics to accurately remove contamination while minimizing product leakage.
Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Mettler-Toledo Safeline