Recycled Resin Used to Provide Lower Cost Container Solution

Varicon offers EcoGrind, an environmentally friendly, recycled resin used in the production of open-head drums.

A lower cost alternative to virgin resin, EcoGrind is made from 100% post-industrial regrind and gives open-head drums new container quality and performance. Varicon produces EcoGrind by cleaning, granulating and reprocessing post industrial high-density polyethylene scrap via a state-of-the-art pelletizing system. Each container is manufactured in compliance with UN regulations for the transportation of hazardous solids. EcoGrind is both economical and ecological, and was created with both the environment and customer in mind.

Open-head drums are available in 30, 35 and 57-gallon capacities and come in blue or black with solid or bung covers. Each Varicon open-head drum incorporates an integrated foot ring, providing stability and ease of handling. Additionally, Varicon offers 55-gallon tight-head drums (one piece), that are made from virgin material.
Product Type:
Material handling