Redesigned Compact Dryer for Fresh-Cut Produce is CE-Marked and UL-Certified

Key Technology introduces the newly redesigned Compact Dryer for removing moisture from fresh-cut produce after washing.  Now CE-marked and UL-certified, the Compact Dryer features new Allen-Bradley controls and a new support frame to ease operation, enhance sanitation, and improve worker safety while maximizing reliability, production flexibility, and product quality.

Handling up to 600 lb (280 kg) of product per hour, Key’s Compact Dryer is ideal for small to medium volume fresh-cut processors handling a wide variety of products.  Featuring fully adjustable settings that control spin speed and cycle time, this centrifugal dryer removes moisture to enhance the quality and shelf life of leafy salad mix, shredded and chopped lettuce and cabbage, cut vegetables, herbs, onions, peppers, and other fresh-cut products.  Settings can be preprogrammed and retrieved for fast changeovers that achieve optimal water removal for each product type.

The Compact Dryer is ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of operator injury while maximizing cycle times.  The unit is close to the ground, which eases loading and unloading, and the basket is sized for safe lifting weights of no more than 30 lb (13.6 kg).

Product Type:
Cookers, dryers & ovens
Key Technology