Tea Carton Makes a Huge Splash

Kliklok-Woodman is pleased to announce the successful rollout of a very unique endload cartoning line at Entyce Beverages in South Africa.

Entyce Beverages wanted to create a special carton with a tea caddy-style self-latching flip-top lid as part of a new marketing campaign for its Five Roses brand of tea. A high-speed Kliklok TRAC (Transfer Right Angle Collator) accepts tea bag tubes (or “slugs”) one-by-one and collates them in groups of three, then transfers them 90 degrees into the product infeed conveyor (PIC) of a Kliklok SFR endload cartoner. The SFR erects the carton, forms and closes the flip-top lid, loads the collated tea bag tubes through the bottom of the carton and seals the carton.


Product Type:
Packaging machinery