Innovative Long Parts Storage System for Wall Mountable or Mobile Applications

Akro-Mils presents the ProHanger, an application for holding long tubes (plastic or metal), rods, electrical conduit, lumber, trim or pipes over 36 inches long. Molded from high-impact plastic for durability, the ProHanger is designed for use with existing Akro-Mils hanging systems, such as the Louvered Hanging System or Rail Hanging System, or it can be attached to virtually any surface with screws.

Created in a vibrant red color, the ProHanger is easily visible in the dark or in low-light environments. It can be used alone or placed side-by-side to support longer parts or products. Additionally, the ProHanger is compatible with a variety of Akro-Mils storage products, including the new 33" Wide AkroBin .

Using the Louvered Hanging System, the ProHanger can even be mounted in service trucks used by plumbers, electricians, carpenters or other tradespeople. End cap inserts can be attached to prevent items from sliding around.
Product Type:
Material handling