Here Fishy Fishy: Goldfish Now With Vegetables

To help parents make it a little easier for their children eat more vegetables, Norwalk, Conn.-based Pepperidge Farm , a division of Campbell's Soup Co.  launches an addition to the Goldfish line of baked snack crackers. Goldfish Garden Cheddar snack crackers contain one-third serving of real vegetables in each serving. They’re a great lunchbox snack and give kids a little vegetable boost, along with the great taste of Goldfish that has been loved by families for more than 40 years.

Varieties are Cheddar and Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar. Made without artificial preservatives, the crackers contain zero trans fat. While the USDA's MyPyramid recommends 2½ cups of vegetables per day as an essential part of a healthy diet, parents can attest that many children fail to get this amount. In fact, 73 percent of poll participants admitted that their child has gone an entire day without eating a single vegetable. Goldfish Garden Cheddar crackers make it a little easier (and fun) to help children get the vegetables they need.

"We're thrilled to offer new Goldfish Garden Cheddar crackers in an effort to help moms provide wholesome, tasty snacks their kids will love with the addition of vegetables as an unexpected bonus," says Michael Simon, senior vice president/general manager of Pepperidge Farms’ snacks division. "Goldfish Garden Cheddar crackers are a great-tasting snack option that moms can feel good about giving to their families."

According to the survey, many parents agree that veggies at mealtime are a source of struggle. Nearly one-third of parents said getting their child to eat vegetables is harder than getting them to clean their bedroom.

Suggested retail price is $2.19.

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