Mrs. Paul's Sticks Get Kids Hooked On Fish

Kids can be finicky eaters, and getting them to eat fish can be a challenge. Forget minced fish is the mantra for Mountain Lakes, N.J.-based Pinnacle Foods Group LLC. To that end, Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s Crunchy Fish Sticks brands are made from only 100% whole white fish fillets, unlike other brands made from minced fish, which means that bits of the fish have been pulverized and reformed into the form of a stick. These crunchy fish sticks, a good source of protein, natural source of omega-3 and with 0g trans fat, and are protected with a unique tamper proof Freshness Pouch, which prevents freezer burn.

“These aren’t the fish sticks parents of today grew up with,” says Brand Manager Cristina Bonaldes. “The combination of taste, crunch and 100% whole white fish fillet in our fish sticks makes Van de Kamp’s and Mrs. Paul’s a delicious food that kids want to eat and a nutritious meal that parents will want to serve.”

Suggested retail price for an 18-count package is $4.99, a 44- count is $5.99, and a 30-count Extra Large Crunchy Fish Sticks for extra-large appetites is $5.99.
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