Density Meter Sampling Unit for Accurate Results

Mettler Toledo introduced its PSU-DE Density Meter Sampling Unit. This compact automation unit allows the measuring cell to be thoroughly cleaned and dried, and ensures that possible measurement errors are automatically detected.

PSU-DE density meters are equipped with an automation unit can automatically detect measurement errors caused by air bubbles, contamination or residual cleaning liquids and warn the operator accordingly.

The PSU-DE Sampling Unit’s peristaltic pump is dedicated to sampling and cleaning, and a diaphragm pump is used for drying. Samples for measurement can be taken directly from different types of containers such as beakers, sampling bottles or vials.

The PSU-DE Sampling Unit is suitable for the measurement of low-viscosity to medium-viscosity samples (viscosity < 3000 mPa∙s) that do not tend to degas.

For highly viscous, sticky or volatile samples, the use of the SC1 or SC30 automation unit is recommended. An optional heating device is available for the measurement of samples that are solid at room temperature.

Product Type:
Laboratory equipment
Mettler Toledo