Baby Cereals Made with Natural Grains

Available in a variety of grains—including barley, oat, brown rice, white rice and multigrain—Drum-dried Cereal Products from Van Drunen Farms retain much of their natural flavor and nutritional value while still being an economical choice for adding real grains to your baby cereal products.

Drum-drying produces a high-quality, dried grain product which reconstitutes immediately to the desired consistency while boasting a  smooth and easily palatable texture.

All of the Drum-dried Cereal Products can be flavored with other Van Drunen Farms drum-dried products—such as apples, bananas, carrots, peas and many more—to create an array of all natural and delicious baby cereal varieties. Drum-dried Cereal Products can also be fortified with important vitamins and minerals.

Van Drunen Farms offers organic and conventional Drum-dried Cereal Products in powder and flake form. Customization is available.
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