Dual Sensors Can Detect Long and Short Stroke Cylinders

Turck announces its BIM-UNT line of compact cylinder position sensors has been expanded to include a new dual sensor for detecting long and short stroke cylinders in stamping, sorting, conveying and other material handling applications. This unique device combines two high-accuracy cylinder position sensors through a single cable connection, reducing wire costs and connection points to expedite installation.

The dual sensor delivers excellent sensitivity and is especially useful for detecting both the home and end positions of a piston during longer stroke cycles. The sensor's low profile makes it suitable for applications where there is minimal clearance around cylinders, and its single-cable design proves convenient in applications where multiple cylinders are installed.

The BIM-UNT is one of the most compact cylinder position sensors on the market, and it may be mounted in T-groove cylinders without requiring additional tools or accessories. Its active sensing area is located directly at the end of the sensor's housing, providing accurate piston end detection—even on short stroke cylinders.
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Automation & control systems