Snack Food Bag Maker Can Produce 240 Bags Per Minute

Kliklok-Woodman's “G3” twin-tube VFFS snack food bagmaker has a welded tubular steel frame with a center-balanced profile which allows weighers and volumetric fillers to be direct-mounted to the machine — a cost-effective option to additional floor mounted support. The electrical cabinets are tucked inside the frame, allowing total access to the interior for ease of maintenance.

The G3 can produce up to 240 bags per minute (120 per tube), thanks to all-servo motion controls. KW uses non-proprietary, top-tier, “off the shelf” control components to lower the total cost of ownership. The G3 can produce a wide variety of bag styles: pillow pouch, block bottom bags, perforated string, promo strip, notching, hole punching and more.

Product Type:
Packaging machinery