Start The New Year With Champagne And Chruffles

Chocolate is always one of life's little luxuries and a classic when it comes to gift giving and entertaining. Paired with the perfect drink or the perfect company, this simple, yet inexpensive luxury, is simply divine.

Milwaukee-based The Cholive Co.  introduces Cholives, cocktail chocolates, and Chruffles (pronounced Truffles), wine pairing truffles, designed to pair with your favorite beverage or enjoyed as a little tasty treat, and they make a lovely gift any time of the year.

When $100 reserve bottles of wine are outside the budget for a wine enthusiast friend, try Chruffles wine pairing chocolates. The three-piece set includes three of 16 sumptuous flavors available to compliment red, white or champagne varietals. The four-piece set includes a wine-pairing mat so recipients can play their own sommelier.

Cholives, 55 percent Swiss dark chocolate filled with Vermont whole cream ganache, gift sets are sure to suit a range of tastes--from a coworker to the friend that has almost everything, and come with accessory skewers. They pair perfectly with a variety of cocktails and beverages. Even non-drinkers can find enjoyment in the cocktail chocolates, which compliment coffee and tea. To top it off, chocolate aficionados don't need to worry about calories; a Cholive has less than 50 calories per serving (one Cholive).

Suggested retail price for Chruffles is $5.95 (three pieces) or $6.95 (four pieces). Cholives are $5.95 (five pieces) or $7.95 (eight pieces).

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