Ring Cake Line Produces Multi-Flavored Cakes with Multiple Toppings

Hinds-Bock's new Ring/Bundt cake line produces multiple flavors or swirl patterns, and applies various toppings such as nuts or streusel. The  line can dramatically reduce labor and wasted product, and can be manufactured in single or dual lanes. They offer single and dual piston batter depositors, capable of depositing many flavors of batter into the pan at different stages down the line. Divided hoppers also are available. These allow one dual-piston depositor to run one flavor while the other side of the machine runs another. Specially designed 360-degree custom ring positive cut-off spouts are provided on the depositors to deposit the batter around the ring cake pan while keeping it off the center cone.

The lines offer optional swirling devices that can automatically swirl two types of products, such as batter and fruit, in the difficult 360-degree pan. Targeted dry topping units for streusel or nuts can be added to the line, as can a custom Hinds-Bock moist streusel targeted topper.
Product Type:
Conveying equipment