Low-Glycemic Sweetener Debuts

Scotts Valley, Cal.-based Source Naturals introduces XyliSmart, a "tooth-friendly" sugar substitute which, unlike other sugars, may reduce the risk of dental caries and does not promote tooth decay, and is a diabetic safe, low glycemic sweetener that helps manage healthy glucose levels in the body. Because it is absorbed slowly, it does not result in a blood glucose concentration spike, which can alter mood or energy levels. It also looks and tastes like sugar, but with 40 percent fewer calories, and produces a cool, refreshing aftertaste, which is pleasing to the palate.

 "XyliSmart is Source Naturals' trade name for xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol," says National Science Educator Guy Devin, Ph.D. "Unlike sugar, which is an energy source for bacteria in the mouth, xylitol limits the growth of decay-causing bacteria like Mutans streptococci. Once pH levels in the mouth drop below a neutral pH of 7, tooth enamel begins to demineralize. Xylitol can provide increased salivary flow rates, which can buffer the acids produced by bacteria and support the remineralization of demineralized teeth."

Suggested retail price is $4.98 for 3 oz, $6.98 for 8 oz, $12.50 for 16 oz and $23.50 for 32 oz.