Self-Contained Inspection Instrument Has Camera, Wide-View Screen

Remote visual inspection becomes more convenient with an advanced borescope that feeds images to a wide-view color LCD display. Rather than relying solely on an eyepiece, users of the Aven MIG Video Borescope can see, capture and share still or video images of tight areas lacking easy access.

Applications include non-destructive testing and inspections of  production, packaging and storage equipment by food manufacturers, including ovens, motors and refrigeration units with dark, tight areas that can't be seen directly. The sophisticated borescope also streamlines trouble-shooting by repair technicians.

The self-contained instrument integrates a 3.5-inch screen and SD card for image capture.

Practical uses also include training of engineers, assembly technicians, machine operators and inspectors. Live visuals can be compared with reference images for quality control. Problems can be annotated and added to an image archive.

Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Aven Inc.