Pipeline Metal Detector Offers Enhanced Detection Sensitivity

The Mettler-Toledo Safeline  owerPhasePRO Pipeline metal detector offers multiple frequencies for increased detection sensitivity on piped products. Detecting and automatically rejecting ferrous, non-ferrous, and even irregularly shaped and difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steel, the system delivers ultimate brand protection for manufacturers and product safety for consumers.

The PowerPhasePRO Pipeline has an icon-driven, full color touch screen interface for extremely simple set-up and operation.  Its design has a uniform diameter and requires no clamp. Safeline’s new pipe design uses screw mechanisms at the end points and utilizes o-rings to secure it in place, eradicating the potential for food particles being trapped. It also has the same diameter throughout the length of the pipe which makes “pigging” or cleaning much easier than other designs.  With ease of cleaning inside the pipe and less need for cleaning the outside of the pipe, operators are faster and more efficient allowing for more uptime on processing lines.

Safeline pipeline metal detectors are USDA meat, poultry, and dairy approved for the highest sanitation requirements. 
Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Mettler-Toledo Safeline