Six-Inch Storage Bins Provide Better Space Utilization for Food Processing Plants

Akro-Mils introduces its 6-inch high ShelfMax products. Available in four convenient sizes and five colors, 6-inch ShelfMax bins offer a larger storage capacity — 85 percent more space — than traditional 4-inch bin sizes. Other benefits include:
  • A front opening that is .75" higher than standard 4" products.
  • ShelfMax bins hold 25 percent more than competing 6" bins.
  • Superior, durable construction allows ShelfMax bins to outlast corrugated bins, and allows loading without spreading or cracking.
  • Optional width dividers expand sorting options and efficiencies.
  • Easy to label for quick inventory identification.
  • Colors include Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White.
Designed for use in assembly, distribution, general maintenance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and supply settings, ShelfMax bins can be used alone or with Akro-ils’ open or closed steel shelving, wire shelving, pick racks and bench racks.
Product Type:
Material handling