Frito-Lay Reshapes the Tostito

PepsiCo’s Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay division has come up with a new delivery system for those who love to immerse their Tostitos in salsa, chili, cheese or spinach dips but dislike it when they break during the process.

Tostitos Dipping Strips can stand up to the thickest dips because they are made in a rectangular shape that is longer and stronger, preventing both breakage and your finger accidentally plunging into the bowl or bottle of dip along with the chip. As an added benefit, you can easily scoop out the last of the dip for your snacking pleasure, as did my grandson Templar, who wanted to know why no one thought of this idea before.

They’re free of trans fat, gluten, casein, lactose, MSG, onion and additives and are Kosher.

“We are really proud of this product, as the team took the time to make them just right for consumers,” says Frito-Lay representative Deana McKinley.

An ad for the Strips in a number of women’s and consumer food magazines shows a Tostitos Dipping Strip with cheese on it along with the slogan, “The time geometry got useful.”

Suggested retail price for a 13-oz. bag is $3.99.

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