New Quick Crunch Is An Alternative To Gum Arabic

TIC Gums has introduced TicaPAN Quick Crunch, a system for sugar and sugar alcohol syrups used in confectionery coating and hard panning. 

According to the company, TicaPAN Quick Crunch dries up to 20 percent faster than gum arabic, making it useful for sealing, hard panning and chocolate panning confectioneries in both sugar and non-sugar alternatives.

The product is derived from locally available materials and includes ease of hydration, ease of processing, and ease to pan a smooth finish. A non-GMO grade is available as well as a cold water soluble version.  TicaPAN Quick Crunch meets sugar free FDA guidelines and other regulatory standards.

In spite of the worldwide consumer trend toward essential and healthier food choices, the confectionery market continues to grow. According to Datamonitor’s 2008 Report on the Global Confectionery Industry, this market is expected to reach $107.4 billion by the end of 2010.

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TIC Gums