Low Glycemic Index Raw Blue Organic Agave Syrup Now Available

Eugene, Ore.-based GloryBee Foods introduces Aunt Patty's Organic Raw Blue Agave Syrup. Made from blue agave hand-picked by local farmers in the Mexican state of Jalisco, blue agave is considered to be superior among agave varieties, as it has more naturally occurring fructose which results in a lower glycemic index. Minimal processing and low heat (under 118°F) ensures the premium color, quality, and delicate floral flavor of this raw natural sweetener.

Raw (uncooked, minimally processed foods) are becoming more popular as a health food choice. The enzymes preserved in raw foods are considered to assist in the digestion and absorption of food. It is thought that cooking foods diminishes the nutritional value of food, destroying healthy enzymes.
Aunt Patty's Raw Blue Agave Syrup is available directly from GloryBee Foods in retail and industrial quantities. Pack sizes include a 12.5 oz plastic bottle, 16.5 oz glass jar, 45.5 oz glass jar, 1-gallon plastic jug, and a 58.1 lb plastic pail.