Elm Tree Throat Lozenge Is A Rediscovery Of Native American Remedy

Much that is new in herbal health care can be traced back many years, and sometimes, many centuries. A soothing throat lozenge from Scotts Valley, Calif.-based Planetary Herbals is a perfect example. Slippery Elm Lozenges, based on a natural ingredient -- the inner bark of the slippery elm tree --used by Native Americans, are a natural way to soothe dry, tired, aching throats.

Varieties include: strawberry, tangerine, unflavored, and tangerine with echinacea and vitamin C for added immune support.

Native Americans used slippery elm for many centuries, grinding the inner bark of the tree into a powder and used it in natural balms and as an ingredient for tea. Early pioneers used it to make a nutritious broth. Later, in the 1840s, a slippery elm lozenge became very popular with singers and voice teachers. Most throat preparations of the time contained menthol, which can cause loss of control of vocal cords, whereas slippery elm does not.

"The slippery elm is a native North American tree found throughout central and eastern Canada and the U.S., says Planetary Herbals herbalist Roy Upton. "It is a prime choice of singers because it contains no harsh ingredients that affect the vocal chords. Slippery elm is still used as a nutritious tonifier among modern herbalists."

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