37,000 Watt Steam Cleaners Offer Cleaning Power for the Food Industry

Daimer Industries' Ultra 10370C systems offer some of the highest pressure levels, steam temperatures and wattages in Daimer's KleenJet line.

Daimer’s new 37,000 watt floor steam cleaners yield about 25 times more steam vapor than 1,600-watt systems.

The new high-end systems offer productivity-increasing features, such as 20 L water chambers, over-sized 14 L boilers and 20 L detergent tanks. These new steam cleaning systems offer pressure levels that top at 150 psi and temperatures capable of reaching nearly 360ºF. The machines convert cold tap water to steam in as little as 15 minutes.

The steam cleaners are configured for 440V, 3-phase power and include a life-time boiler warranty. The systems include a 50' extreme-pressure, puncture-resistant hose. Additional hose lengths are available as options.
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Sanitation & hygiene
Daimer Industries