New Starch is Designed to Deliver Cohesive Texture for Snack Foods

A pregelatinized waxy maize starch, Tate & Lyle's X-PAND’R 683 is designed to deliver a crispy, crunchy and cohesive texture to a wide variety of bakery and snack applications. The company’s newest starch aids in the development of cohesive and pliable dough that can be processed through conventional sheeters and extruders without stickiness. It is ideal for sheeted and formed, coated and extruded snacks, and cakes, cookies and muffins.
  • Sheeted and formed snacks: X-PAND’R 683 delivers expansion and crispness in a wide range of snack crackers and snack chips containing flours, dried vegetables and potato flakes.
  • Coated snacks: X-PAND’R 683 provides a crispy coating with excellent adhesion on nuts and dried fruits under baking conditions.
  • Extruded snacks: X-PAND’R 683 provides lower process viscosity during extrusion and delivers expanded and crisp texture with a uniform network of air cells. X-PAND’R 683 is suitable for cold forming or low temperature extrusion applications.
  • Cakes, cookies and muffins: X-PAND’R 683 may be used in baked goods for improving batter viscosity and increasing moisture retention in finished products.
Product Type:
Starches & flours
Tate & Lyle