Ingredients System Allows for More Gluten-Free Flexibility

Penford Food Ingredients Co. announced the launch of PenTechGF, an ingredients system for gluten-free baking and coatings.

PenTechGF allows manufacturers, processors and foodservice companies to develop lines that have all the wellness attributes of gluten-free combined with the visual, mouthfeel and flavor of wheat-based items marketed to the general public.

On the bakery side, PenTechGF is a complete system for creating delicious breads, rolls, muffins, pizza crust, pie crust, cookies, cakes and more, combined with Penford’s R&D capacity to customize gluten-free formulations for every customer.

The use of the proper starch can give dough the much-needed elasticity, the right amount of chewiness and a consistent crumb grain. The system allows for:
  • Volume to give bread height
  • Textures that aren’t too gummy or dry
  • Crumb grain for muffins that is open and slightly course, just like wheat-based muffins
  • A resilient body for pastries to prevent crumbling
  • Cakes that are light and fluffy
  • A neutral flavor to pizza dough or pie crusts that won’t interfere with other ingredients
Penford's PenTechGF Gluten-Free Coatings System provides the texture and appearance of a wheat-based product and an equally appealing taste. Batter-coated and fried meats, vegetables and chicken -- even the moistest seafood -- can have a mouth-watering and crispy gluten-free coating.
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Starches & flours
Penford Food Ingredients Co.