Weight Indicator Features Advanced Capabilities

Avery Weigh-Tronix introduces the Model 1080 weight indicator/controller. The 1080 is a cost-effective data management and process control solution that utilizes modern communications protocols in standard and custom-configured floor scale, bench scale, vessel and specialized weighing applications. Offering built-in Fieldbus interfaces--including Ethernet 10/100, Profibus DP and DeviceNet, as well as support for ODVA Protocols--the 1080 meets current application needs while accommodating future growth. Its analog output option and RS 232/422/485 interface allows the 1080 to provide data transfer for legacy equipment. Additionally, the 1080’s compact form factor allows it to be easily installed in panel-mount applications, where space is at a premium.

Supporting up to eight 350 ohm weight sensors in a single scale configuration, the 1080 offers exceptional flexibility through a suite of specialized applications:
  • Batching routines: The 1080 can provide ingredient control through a PLC interface or setpoint control, and accommodates recipes consisting of up to three weight ingredients and five timed events.
  • Counting routines: Through a sequence of key presses, the 1080 can display Piece Weight, Count Total and Count Transactions in counting applications.
  • Peak weighing: The 1080 can capture and display the highest stable weight detected during a weighing cycle.
  • Checkweighing: Along with displaying weight data, the 1080 provides visual indication of whether the measured load is Correct, Under or Over the target value, plus Standard Deviation and X-Bar/R data for analysis.
  • Split axle truck weighing: When connected to a truck scale platform, the 1080 collects each axle weight separately, then transmits the entire vehicle weight via its communication ports.
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Avery Weigh-Tronix