Gluten-Free Baking Even More of a Possibility with Cassava Flour

American Key Food Products has announced the development of a natural cassava flour, a substitute for wheat flour, which enables the production of a number of gluten-free baked goods with virtually the same taste, texture, crumb and baking characteristics as those made with wheat.

Made from cassava root, King Lion brand Premium Cassava Flour is produced through a proprietary manufacturing process that yields an ingredient with superior baking properties. Unlike most formulations for gluten-free baked goods which are composed of several types of flours and starches, a wide range of high quality baked goods can be made using only this cassava flour in place of wheat flour.  This simplifies formulation and production, reduces the need for inventorying ingredients, and simplifies label declaration.

In tests with various types of baked goods, AKFP’s cassava flour has also exhibited excellent moisture retention characteristics, reducing the amount of flour needed in some cases versus wheat flour.

Commercial production is projected for early 2010.

Product Type:
Starches & flours
American Key Food Products