Closing The Vegetable Gap With Less Sodium

Camden, N.J.-based Campbell Soup Co. introduce V8 V-Lite, a light, smooth tasting vegetable juice blend, which delivers one full serving of vegetables, has only 35 calories and meets heart-healthy sodium levels at 380mg per 8-oz glass. This juice blend, available in 64-oz bottles, is perfect for those who love the convenience of drinking their vegetables but want a lighter texture and smoother, crisper taste.

Suggested retail price is $2.99.

Campbell also has further reduced the sodium in its original V8 100% vegetable juice, while still maintaining the same zesty taste. Sodium is reduced to 420mg per 8-oz glass, a 12 percent reduction and the second in the last three years. In addition, the popular Spicy Hot V8 variety has been reduced in sodium to 480mg per serving, bringing the entire line of V8 beverages to meet the U.S. government-designated "healthy" criteria. Each 8-oz glass of V8 juice provides two full servings of vegetables, contains 50 calories, 0g fat and 2g fiber, which all adds up to feeling satisfied on fewer calories. V8 100% vegetable juice is available in six varieties and a range of sizes.

"Our goal for V8 juices is to provide people with a variety of great-tasting, healthy beverages that help them to get their vegetable servings," says Dale Clemiss, VP, beverage marketing, V8 Beverages. "We are proud that now our entire line of V8 juices meets or in some cases even exceeds government standards for healthy foods, while still providing the taste that people know and love."

Sodium reduction is Campbell's No.1 strategic priority. In the past four years, the company has quadrupled its number of lower sodium products in the marketplace to 110 from 25 in 2005. In addition to the entire line of V8 beverages, Campbell recently announced plans to reduce sodium in its line of SpaghettiOs pastas by 35 percent. The company has also lowered the sodium content in many Campbell's soups, Prego sauces and Pepperidge Farm breads.
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