Green Fans Go Solar

MacroAir Technologies introduced its solar high volume low speed (HVLS) industrial fan, the MacroVoltaic.

HVLS fan technology is designed to generate a column of air that flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees. This large, slow moving air mass moves throughout the space, mixing and circulating air more efficiently. The MacroVoltaic air movement system includes the HVLS fan with an attached controller, a specialized component that converts power from the solar panels, as well as the solar panels, which have a 20-year warranty, standard remote control, an optional auxiliary power supply, and an optional battery backup.

The MacroVoltaic is designed to operate in a variety of methods to best meet individualized consumer needs. The system can be used as a stand-alone solar fan, as a solar fan with auxiliary backup, as a solar fan with battery backup, or as a solar fan with both auxiliary and battery backup.

Product Type:
Plant safety
MacroAir Technologies