Foodservice Packaging Designed To Help Operators Drive Sales

InnoWare Plastic launched its microwavable OctaView Supreme line of hinged foodservice containers featuring a patented, tear-away lid. InnoWare’s first-to-market technology gives consumers the option of separating the lid from the base for easier dining. The lids can be re-secured on the base for leftovers.
Foodservice industry research from Technomic shows that 43% of today’s carry-out and prepared-meal consumers typically re-heat food in the container instead of transferring food to a plate. InnoWare developed the OctaView Supreme line with special features that support this preference to help foodservice and grocery operators appeal to on-the-go consumers.
Features built in to the lids include:
  • Vents that help to preserve food freshness, prevent steam buildup, and continue to function when the containers are stacked.
  • An added anti-fog ingredient that minimizes moisture build-up and helps to maintain a clear view of container contents. This feature also helps to reduce operational errors when filling orders.
  • Airtight Leak Guard closures that prevent spills and leakage during transport.
  • An EZ Close design that help operators save time when packing food items or ready-made meals.
Product Type:
Packaging materials
InnoWare Plastic